Reprogramming the
neuroimmune system

We reprogram the brain’s neuroimmune system to overcome the world’s toughest diseases

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The brain has unique immune cells that offer hope for new treatments. They’re called Microglia.

Microglia are key regulators of the nervous system - protecting, maintaining, eliminating, and repairing neurons in order to keep a brain healthy. This capacity for neuroprotection makes them ideal tools for therapeutic intervention.

Studying microglial neuroprotection

Microglia behave differently in different situations — every behavior impacts the brain differently. Our technology finds microglial behaviors that support and restore brain health.

Treating patients with microglia

We develop drugs that leverage microglial neuroprotection to treat neurological conditions.

Combining models of the neuroimmune system

Models are noisy – sometimes they tell you the wrong thing. That’s why we look for common signals between different models of the neuroimmune system when understanding microglial behaviors and how to modify them.

If we were thinking about a 10 year horizon, what can we do to fix the future of these diseases.
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Our Hybrid Approach

Our full-stack team of scientists and engineers combine deep experience in stem cell engineering, neurobiology, multiomics, and machine learning.

Stem Cell Engineering

Rapidly generate human microglia-centered neuroimmune microenvironments from stem cells.


We use multiple complementary models of the neuroimmune system to separate signal from noise.


CRISPR and single cell techniques are used to manipulate and measure the neuroimmune system in cell models and from patient samples.

Machine Learning

Discover cell fingerprints, functional biomarkers, optimal experiments, and biological relationships.

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